PrimaVera: Synergising Predictive Maintenance (overview paper)

by Thom Badings

An overview article on the concerted approach to predictive maintenance within the PrimaVera project has been accepted for publication in Applied Sciences. This high-level article should be inspiring for anybody who is interested in predictive maintenance, and many researchers involved in the PrimaVera project have contributed to the article.

The article is available (open access) via the following link:

Ton, B.; Basten, R.; Bolte, J.; Braaksma, J.; Di Bucchianico, A.; van de Calseyde, P.; Grooteman, F.; Heskes, T.; Jansen, N.; Teeuw, W.; Tinga, T.; Stoelinga, M. PrimaVera: Synergising Predictive Maintenance. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 8348.

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