by Adriana Frijo

On this page, we provide concise fact sheets for a selection of the publications and student projects done in collaboration with PrimaVera partners. These fact sheets are short summaries that provide an accessible, high-level overview of the performed research. In case of any questions in response to one of the fact sheets, feel free to contact us.


Human-Related Barriers for Implementation of Predictive Maintenance at the Dutch Navy

By Danny Brus (2022)


Grouping of Maintenance Actions with Deep Reinforcement Learning and Graph Convolutional Networks

By David Kerkkamp (2022)


A Framework for HVAC Malfunction Detection using Machine Learning

By Tom Veldman (2022)

Maintenance Strategy for a Hull Coating

By Evie Hendriks (2021)

Test Set-up for Failure Data Generation of Rotating Machines

By Alieh Alipour (2021)

Optimal Maintenance Strategies for an Industrial Scrubber System

By Ilse Pool (2021)