Three papers accepted at AAAI 2023

by Thom Badings

PrimaVera researchers from Radboud University have got three papers accepted to the artificial intelligence conference AAAI! The conference will take place from February 7 – 14 in Washington DC, United States. Pre-prints of the three accepted papers can be accessed using the following links:

  1. Carr, Jansen, Junges & Topcu (2022). Safe Reinforcement Learning via Shielding under Partial Observability.
  2. Badings, Romao, Abate & Jansen (2022). Probabilities Are Not Enough: Formal Controller Synthesis for Stochastic Dynamical Models with Epistemic Uncertainty.
  3. D. Simão, Suilen & Jansen (2022). Safe Policy Improvement for POMDPs via Finite-State Controllers.

Congratulations to the involved PrimaVera researchers: Thiago Dias Simão, Nils Jansen, and Thom Badings!

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