Paper in the International Journal of Production Research

by Thom Badings

A paper by PrimaVera researchers Bas van Oudenhoven, Philippe Van de Calseyde, Rob Basten, and Evangelia Demerouti (Eindhoven University of Technology) has recently been published in the International Journal of Production Research. The paper is entitled “Predictive maintenance for industry 5.0: behavioural inquiries from a work system perspective” and can be accessed via this link.

“We discuss the acceptance of PdM applications at the level of individual maintenance decision-makers,” according to Bas van Oudenhoven, PhD student in Work Package 5 of PrimaVera. “Thereafter, we make ten propositions regarding human behavior that we discuss with a total of six experts from industry and academia, and distill from these interviews four factors that facilitate PdM acceptance by decision-makers:

  1. trust between decision-maker and model (maker),
  2. control in the decision-making process,
  3. availability of sufficient cognitive resources, and
  4. proper organisational allocation of decision-making.”

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