Paper by PrimaVera Researchers at AAAI 2022

by Thom Badings

A paper co-authored by PrimaVera researchers Thom Badings, Dr. Nils Jansen, and Prof. Marielle Stoelinga has been accepted at the prestigious AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

In this paper, our researchers propose a novel method for safe and robust control of autonomous systems that act in uncertain environments. For example, a drone must deliver a package in a certain goal region without crashing into obstacles, but its position may be affected by wind gusts, which are uncertain. With the proposed method, we can compute controllers for such systems, which guarantee that the probability to satisfy the objective is above a pre-defined performance threshold. Notably, our researchers show that such safe controllers can be computed, even if the characteristics of the uncertainty are unknown.

The latest version of the full article is available here!

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