Smart use of sensor data leads to modern maintenance support in future ships

by Bart Pollmann & Dr. Wieger Tiddens

The Royal Netherlands Navy is planning to introduce several new ship classes within the next decade.  The new ships will be technologically much more advanced than the ships currently in service.  At the same time the operational availability needs to increase and the crew size needs to get smaller.  This combination leads to the necessity not only to automate many functions on board, but also to increase the level of support to the maintenance organization.  Sensor data can be used to better predict failures of machinery in order to allow the maintenance organization to perform timely repair actions and prevent catastrophic failures.  The developments include the reuse of available data used for Monitoring & Control purposes, the introduction of extra sensor technology to better detect failure modes that cannot be detected with current systems, and the introduction of AI and Machine Learning. The Royal Netherlands Navy is cooperating with Industry to ensure the timely availability of these new methods and technologies.

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