Asset Management & PdM

by Dr. Alieh Alipour
2nd September 2020

About Alieh Alipour

Alieh Alipour is the lecturer of Asset Management at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and project leader of PrimaVera at the Smart Sensor Systems Lectoraat of The Hague University of Applied Science. Prior to that she was the advisor in Asset management group at Arcadis and innovator in Structural Reliability Department at TNO. Alieh Obtained her PhD degree in Civil Engineering from TU Delft (2011-2017).

About the presentation

In this presentation, she will first present the important aspects of Asset Management and how predictive maintenance strategies will influence these aspects. Then, she will present the steps required for vibration analysis of the bearings in rotary machines (based on Mobius Institute books). In the end,  she will briefly explain the structure for the deliverable document for PrimaVera.