Integrated learning
and decision making

by Dr. Stella Kapodistria
8th July 2020

Stella Kapodistria is assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, where she is part of the Stochastics operations section. She participates in the Networks Gravitation (NWO-Zwaartekracht) project, an NWO funded initiative to build self-organizing and intelligent networks by using algorithms and stochastics. She is also part of the DeSIRE research program on resilient engineering funded by the 4TU-call “High Tech for a Sustainable Future” and she is in the think-tank of the newly established 4TU center on Resilience Engineering. She is a co-applicant in the PrimaVera (NWA-ORC) project and the Real-time data-driven maintenance logistics (NWO – “Big Data: real time ICT for logistics”) project. As her main aim in her scientific work Stella states “revolutionizing our thinking and methods to solve today’s problems”. You can check out Stella’s scientific work here and here.

The slides are available here.


With the growth of ICT and the real-time flow of data, it becomes increasingly important to be able to measure complex systems, quantify their level of health and resilience, and be able to detect changes with great speed and precision. This would inherently facilitate the transition from curative, reactive actions to preventive, prescriptive actions. In this talk, I will demonstrate through several examples how data analytic techniques can be used to transform data into knowledge and actions.