Advanced maintenance Concepts
and the use of RCM/FMEA

by Dr. A.J.J. (Jan) Braaksma
10th June 2020

About Dr. Jan Braaksma

Dr. Jan Braaksma (Director WCM Summer School/University of Twente) Jan Braaksma is an associate professor in the chair of Maintenance Engineering at the University of Twente and the director of the WCM Summer School part of World Class Maintenance. He has worked for the University of Groningen (RuG) and the Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA). He holds a Master’s degree in Business and ICT and a PhD degree in Economics and Business. Jan’s research focuses on Asset Management with a special attention for Asset Life Cycle Planning, Maintenance Engineering and Design for Maintenance. A significant part of his research is in cooperation with companies and organisations such as Liander, Strukton Rail, Netherlands Railways (NS), Prorail, Heineken, AkzoNobel, Sitech, Huntsman, Heijmans, Sabic, TataSteel and the Ministry of Defense. Jan is responsible for the Master Class on Maintenance Engineering & Management provided by the University of Twente. Jan is involved in WP5 in PRIMAVERA.


Predictive maintenance can be seen as the most rewarding maintenance strategy. Therefore currently there is much focus is on the use of this strategy, however there can be debated that predictive maintenance is not always the most feasible strategy. FMEA/RCM is a structured method which can be used to determine a maintenance concept based on the ways in which an asset can possibly fail and the impacts these so-called “failure modes” can possibly have. I will discuss the development and improvement of maintenance concepts over time and the need for the right asset information. I will have special attention for its usage for the identification of possible predictive maintenance candidates and criticality driven asset information management. The organization and management of (future) data collection is advocated as a crucial element for making better maintenance decisions. During the colloquium I will go specifically into insides gained from a multiple case study on the use of FMEA in industry and insights I gained from working together with industry.

The slides are available here.