Prof. Geert-Jan van Houtum РPredictive maintenance: Successes and challenges for the next 10 years (April 29, 2020)

About 10 years ago, we started with predictive maintenance research in the Netherlands. In my projects, we studied systems in the high-tech, maritime, and chemical industry. In this presentation, I present a general predictive maintenance approach that works for systems where a limited set of components causes most of the failures. This approach builds on stochastic processes, data mining, Bayesian learning, machine learning, and Operations Research techniques. We will also discuss what we can investigate in the coming 10 years. An important learning point of the past 10 years is that data analysis methods often lead to predictions with a certain percentage of false positives. That is often not good enough for users of systems to replace a component or module preventively. But these predictions can still be useful to be better prepared when a failure occurs.