PHM Data Challenge 2021

The PHM data challenge 2021 is here, and the PrimaVera consortium has jumped on board! A team consisting of PhD/PostDoc researchers Núbia Alves da Silveira, Thom Badings, Luc Keizers, Lisandro Jimenez and Matthias Volk is working to address the challenges of fault detection, classification and root cause identification using data-driven, Read more…

Prof. Pierre Dersin – Characterizing RUL loss rate (March 3, 2021)

The “RUL loss rate”, or time derivative or the RUL (remaining useful life), measures the speed at which an asset’s condition degrades and it therefore is getting closer to failure in the absence of any preventive maintenance action. The average RUL loss rate is the derivative of the “mean residual life” (MRL) ; therefore understanding the latter’s properties is of potential interest for maintenance policy optimization. First we study a special class of time-to-failure distributions: those for which the MRL is a linear function of time, i.e. the average RUL loss rate is constant.